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Finding a proper local business for a service you need at the moment can be quite a difficult task, especially if you’re in a hurry. It can be exhausting, time-consuming and it would require significant effort. You would have to do thorough research, look for referrals, compare them and make a decision on which reviews you can trust to be unbiased and authentic. So, why waste your time when you have someone that has done the homework and hard job for you? BestFive uses a proprietary algorithm which calculates, measures, and determines the reputation and credibility of local businesses. We make sure that independent researchers double-check the quality of these local businesses before we list them, to avoid any possible mistakes.

Who We Are

Our team is made of researchers, developers, analysts, and writers, all obsessive consumers.
Our eagerness for excellence is equally as important as our commitment to the truth. We are aware that there are a lot of similar websites out there, therefore, every decision we make is motivated in earning your trust.

What We Do

Our proprietary algorithm identifies the best local businesses in over 20 different categories across top cities in the United Kingdom. Our aim is helping customers find the best local businesses that will deliver the service they need. To date, we’ve analysed over 40,000 companies and featured the best ones on our site.

How Do You Find the Best Local Businesses?

We use proprietary software that utilizes publicly available data points to calculate the BestFive Rating, based on a variety of factors. For more detailed information on our methodology, click here.

How Do You Make Money?

We want to be completely transparent with you and let you know who pays us and how we make money. We use our algorithm to find and list local businesses and then give these businesses the option to pay to be featured higher on the page or in front of the randomly sorted list of businesses. These businesses are from then on labelled as “Featured” across our website. It is important that you know that once the reviews are complete and the businesses listed, only then our commercial staff may try to contact the businesses listed and offer them to be featured on our website. The reviewing team works independently of the sales team. Our primary goal is to make sure you find the right businesses or service for you.

Can a Business Pay to Be on One of Your Lists?

No, a business cannot pay to be listed on our site. We only feature local businesses that our proprietary algorithm has identified, analysed and rated.

What Are Featured Businesses?

BestFive takes pride in featuring only local businesses that have been identified by our proprietary algorithm as the best in their industry and area. A featured business on BestFive is a business we have already listed as one of the best that has also partnered with BestFive to be featured in front of others businesses or higher on the page.

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